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Francesca and Alessandro have to thank Milan for both meeting each other (now they are 4 🙂 ) and realizing the long-cherished dream of having their own business to run.

Milan, as Alessandro always says, is a city of endless possibility, that let you realize your projects if you are determined and willing to work hard and dream higher.

Francesca thinks that the bicycle is synonymous with enjoying life to the fullest and she loves it also as a design fetish and a green economy flag. In her career it is to be underlined how she was an isolated case of crazy bike commuting student going every day to La Sapienza University in Rome and that, first thing she did when she arrived in Milan, was buying a bicycle on the enthusiasm wave of seeing a space reserved for bicycle in most of the Milanese courtyards!

But Bike & The City® idea is not exactly born in Milan. We have to fly to Paris where, for some literally freeze months, Francesca worked in an international consulting company. 

Her love Alessandro were about to visit her, and it was his first time in Paris. Already bothered by the idea of repeating the cliché tourist itinerary of Paris, Francesca thought “why don’t go around by bicycle?”.

The idea results to be successful, despite of the rain, and the two were humidly cycling and smiling stupidly the one to each other, when a strange idea sparked in their minds: “why don’t we create a bike tour in Milan?”. 

The city is flat, most of its beauty is not visible at first glance, the little roads and palace courtyards shield its best treasures. “Let’s do it” they said, and they did.

Everything changed from that moment, they embraced their passion, their dream and immersed themselves into a new sleep depriving adventure. From 2011, they have proudly welcomed thousands of travelers from all around the globe in Milan and from, few years later, in Turin and Verona too.

Bike & The City® inspiring idea is that people don’t want just to visit a city but also taking the chance to blending in.

What Francesca and Alessandro want to convey is the idea that each guest can rely on having a local friend in town, eager to show the best places, the top attractions as well as the hidden corners, to tell the most enticing stories about the city, to suggest delicious treats and in a nutshell make friends live the best time ever.

Bike & The City® is the easiest, more active and lighthearted way to get an informative and amusing overview of the city and breath its authentic atmosphere.


We truly believe in networking, exchange of ideas and opportunities to nurture our appetite for new, grow our business and offer the best to our guests.

Whether you are an Online Travel Agent, a traditional Travel agency, an Event agency, an Institution, a local business activity, a local / global Brand and you are interested in a partnership with us, do not hesitate to drop us an email and we will get back to you quickly to explore together new shared opportunities.

Co-branded initiatives, co-designed tours, events, social responsibility projects: we are open to new ideas that make us love our job even more.



Our tour guides are crucial to delivering an unparalled experience to our guests. We don’t only look for knowledgeable guides, this is what is averagely expected. 

We look for passionate storytellers, city explorers, curious and open minds who love welcoming people from all around the world. We need pragmatic, hands-on, bike enthusiasts that love cycling around a city. We opt for well-organized people with a confident, constructive, serene and bright attitude.

Should you recognize yourselves sketched in this identikit, you should seriously think about sending us your cv by clicking on the button below.




Our tour guide was very informative and took us to some interesting places in Milan. We very much enjoyed visiting the different districts of Milan by pedal power which gave us a different perspective on things – the tour buses have to stick to the roads whereas the bikes can go down cycle paths and much quicker than walking so you can fit more sightseeing into your day.The cycle tour was a brilliant way to see the city and the guides at Bike & The City are very knowledgeable and helpful. 

We’re planning a trip to Turin in the future and look forward to taking the cycle tour there as well.

JamesK1982 (26 May 2017)



Angelo was a great guide who took us on a lively and well-organized ride across the city. We saw a great combination of ancient sites and modern attractions, all at a safe and enjoyable biking pace. Great way to take in the city and plan for places to return to for deeper exploration.

Lady T (07 September 2018)



If you want a really good overview of Milan in 3 hours, this is excellent value for money whilst getting some exercise as a fringe benefit. Francesco was friendly, knowledgeable and keen for the experience to be positive for us. We were lucky to have Francesco to ourselves as the other people didn’t show. The trip shows great variety from the modern city to the historical. Make sure you have your wits about, meandering between and dodging traffic, pedestrians, other cyclists all adds to this fabulous Italian experience!!

295garys (25 June 2018)




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