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Welcome to Bike & The City!

We are happy to finally unveil that the Bike Tours that changed the way tourists used to enjoy cities like Milan and Turin (while winning multiple TripAdvisor’s Certificates of Excellence), finally landed in the amazing Verona!

Our tours are specifically designed to offer tourists like you an awesome mix of the world renowed city attractions, and those spots you would never see without the right advices.
These guided tours will give you the same experience you would get while visiting a town with a local friend; or better yet a small group of friends that will ride alongside you around the romantic Verona.

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A different kind of exploration will now let you see Verona: our ebikes will guide you to Castel San Pietro: the most beautiful viewpoint to see the whole city.
Verona is actually considered the most romantic italian city (thanks to the fascination of one of the most important of Shakespeare’s novels: Romeo and Juliet); now imagine what would mean riding around this beautiful city, simply on a ebike, with your partner by your side.
During the tour you will reach Piazza Bra, the largest piazza in all of Verona; the Verona Arena, Roman amphitheater built around AD 30; Piazza Erbe and its open air market, Piazzale Castel San Pietro and the beautiful San Zeno basilica.

At the end of this tour you will taste one of the world’s most famous wine, along with the Veronese Aperitivo: visiting Italy is definitely a food experience too.