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Welcome to Bike & The City!

We are happy to finally unveil that the Bike Tours that changed the way tourists used to enjoy cities like Milan and Turin (while winning multiple TripAdvisor’s Certificates of Excellence), finally landed in the amazing Verona!

Our tours are specifically designed to offer tourists like you an awesome mix of the world renowed city attractions, and those spots you would never see without the right advices.
These guided tours will give you the same experience you would get while visiting a town with a local friend; or better yet a small group of friends that will ride alongside you around the romantic Verona.

Book now one of our rides around Verona!

A different kind of exploration will now let you see Verona: our ebikes will guide you to Castel San Pietro: the most beautiful viewpoint to see the whole city.
Verona is actually considered the most romantic italian city (thanks to the fascination of one of the most important of Shakespeare’s novels: Romeo and Juliet); now imagine what would mean riding around this beautiful city, simply on a ebike, with your partner by your side.
During the tour you will reach Piazza Bra, the largest piazza in all of Verona; the Verona Arena, Roman amphitheater built around AD 30; Piazza Erbe and its open air market, Piazzale Castel San Pietro and the beautiful San Zeno basilica.

At the end of this tour you will taste one of the world’s most famous wine, along with the Veronese Aperitivo: visiting Italy is definitely a food experience too.

How long is the tour?

Even if you actually aren’t a fit rider, or a sporty person, don’t fear at all, as our tours are as slow paced, and as easy-going as they can be. Beside this you will ride on an e-bike that’ll make the tour smoother.

We study our itineraries to offer anyone a completely relaxed way to visit the city, choosing mainly flat areas, alongside various stops at the most charming places around.

Also we tend to avoid the crowded and noisy roads, as we completely understand that holydays abroad are made to get to know the city, but also to relax.

For everything else you will be able to rely completely on our expert guides, as they will take care of all your needs.

Also the visits and rides will be offered both during the morning and the early afternoon, avoiding the hottest hours of the day, so that the small group of bikers you will join, will go through their ride without sweating too much!

Who will guide me on the tour?

All our english speaking guides will accompany you through your ride around Verona, and will be there to help you in any possible way.

We choose only the nicest and most passionate guides, so that during your ride, you will be able to get to love the city as much as they do!

How many people are there in each group?

We usually try to keep the groups as small as possible, expecially because we like to offer a cozy, funny and friendly atmosphere, as not always “the more the merrier” is an unquestionable truth.

What kind of bikes will I have for the ride?

As confortability is one of the features we want you to enjoy the most, our choice over bikes have been lead over elegant but comfortable and easy to use e-bikes, that will be given to you alongside the proper helmets for your security.

Security and relax surely are a great combo!

When can I try the tour?

Our tour will be offered every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM to 1 PM on the months from July to October.

Don’t waste time, visit Verona is always an amazing experience, and you will enjoy a totally different one throgh our bike tours.

Complete relax and amusement over a sporty and funny experience!

If interested in our tours, go book your place through the following link: